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Core Values

Our Core Values and Behavior

The Management of Bank Mandiri is committed to advancing the following core values :

  1. Trust: Building trust and good faith as part of open and straightforward relationships based on reliability
  2. Integrity: Behaving in a laudable manner, maintaining dignity and holding the professional code of ethics in high regard
  3. Professionalism: Working diligently and accurately based on top class competencies and responsibility
  4. Customer focus: Always positioning the customer internally and externally as the focus for developing positive, mutually beneficial and balanced growth
  5. Excellence: Always striving to achieve excellence leading to perfection as an expression of love and pride for Mandiri

Eleven Key Behaviors

  1. Honest, straightforward and not deferential.
  2. Empowering potentials, eliminating silos, mutual synergies and mutual respect
  3. Disciplined, consistent and fulfilling commitments
  4. Thinking, speaking and acting in a laudable manner
  5. Reliable, resilient, responsible, able to learn and confident
  6. Imbued with spirit of intrapreneurship and courageous in taking decisions based on measured risks
  7. Elicits customer needs and wishes in a proactive manner and provides total solutions
  8. Provides the best possible services in a quick, appropriate, straightforward, and accurate manner that prioritizes customer satisfaction
  9. Orientated to added value and continuous improvement
  10. Innovative in creating opportunities so as to achieve a performance that exceeds expectations
  11. Focus and discipline in executing priorities